Hello world!

I guess that’s a good way to start this little bloggy thing.

Okidoke.. Where to begin. First off hi. I’m Blank Blanks, I know unusual name. I agree. Shhh.. It’s a pseudonym, so that nobody knows who I am because I like to be secretive and stuff like that.

I really just think I need an outlet for my current state of being, virtually expressed with words that can be commented on by any passers by. I’ll be talking about whatever “pops” into my mind and whatever I feel like at the time of blogging. You could actually say that this is a live stream from my brain to the world wide web. Sounds impressive doesn’t it. Not so much.

But enough of that, let’s get started with the topic at this very moment in time… hmm.. work. ok. there that was that. More later. Should get back to work now….. 😦

Here’s a nice song:


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