Meet the parents. Finally.

Little update about the relationship. It is getting even more serious, but not only for me now, for the boytoy too. I say boytoy because he is in fact two years younger than me. YAY. Like an energizer bunny, he just keeps going and going and going and going……

Anyways, this week he will be meeting the other man child in my life. My father. Very entertaining, also nerve wracking and worrying. I have to say that most of the worrying concerns how my father will react. Even though he hasn’t been the most attentive or even present father, he might well be the most protective. Maybe even a little over protective. And for some reason, even though I hate to admit this, he’s always right. Man, I am so glad that no one knows about this blog or there would be evidence of his correctness. Oh wait I just realised it’s next week. Hahaha…. No matter. Wow, I might be getting a little too excited about this meet.

Ok, I’m guessing that all this excitement is due to the fact that not only is my boyfriend going to meet one of my parental units but also we just discussed when he is coming to my country to meet the entire family! I am so homesick it is not even funny, cannot wait to go home!!

Okay, here’s the good part. He’s gonna stay with me in my country for like a week!! Our first vacation away together. Granted it will be away for him and home for me. Aaaaand he gets to spend some good old quality time with my super crazy loud family. But I’m sure that everything will be fine.

No I’m not, now I’m panicking, what if he doesn’t like them? What if they don’t like him? Are we gonna break up? Holy crap I should have thought about this earlier.

No, it will be fine. Must stop freaking out. I thought we were past all of that non-sense. Positive, mind altering, good thoughts from now on.

No music on. No song. Oh wait I had this annoying little tune stuck in my cabesa all freaking evening…. AAAND it’s back:


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