I was riding home on public transport the other day and there was this kid that had just exited the tram and was walking with the tram. I was sitting at the window listening to music thinking about things. All of a sudden I hear a thud on the window and I look up and it’s this little kid dramatically holding on to the window and mouthing “NOOOO…” as the tram picked up speed. Like in a movie scene where the train starts moving and the lovers have to part. It was such an innocent joke to play on someone, no malice in his eyes what so ever. This got me thinking, when do we lose that? That pure, unadulterated innocence? And is there still some of that pureness in us?

I don’t have the answer. But it did trigger more thoughts. The tram stopped a little down the road and there were two guys in a big BMW with nice white leather interior. They were dressed in FUBU from head to toe, or whatever is hot and gangsta now a days. I locked eyes with the driver, I don’t wanna be judgmental, but you know that car was not bought with legal funds. I felt a certain sadness, because he reminded me a little of the kid from before and this made me think what if that adorable sweet child turns into this dude. Sad.

This triggered the thought about power and money and how susceptible people are to it. Especially men. And how it changes them. I know this from personal experience. The men with power and money are the most despicable men on this earth. They are corrupt and vial and disgusting. They do things that are immoral and bad. They hurt others without a care in the world. They are narcissistic. And worst of all, all they want is more. More power and more money and they can’t stop. It’s like an addiction and they are blinded in their path to, what they think is, greatness. I have yet to meet a man of status that has not cheated on his wife or is an alcoholic or is addicted to some other thing.

That got me thinking about the main man in my life and his struggle to make ends meet every month. How responsible he is at only 26: he owns his own house, he has a steady job (that he dislikes) and he is still the sweetest person I have ever met. And when we’re together I sometimes see that innocence, that little boy, that twinkle in his eyes and I hope that it stays that way.


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