It is absolutely, ridiculously disgusting how happy I am at the moment. So happy that I was sitting in the train staring out at the dark night (or was it a tunnel…?) smiling at my past couple of hours. The whole evening was one of complete and utter bliss.

Woke up this morning, it was cold and rainy, I just wanted to stay under the covers, snoozed my alarm a couple of times. Had a very quick (3 min) shower and jumped into whatever clothes I could find that were not smelly. Ate breakfast in 4 minutes and left the house. Was way too early into work, smiling and saying good morning to anyone who crossed my path, holding open doors and saying have a great friday. My day was uneventful but I found a great new website that you can listen to informative radio. I was at a dinner last night and some friends told me about it, radio lab, if anyone is interested. So great, love it! Made my day pass super quick. Then I was supposed to have a driving lesson (Yes I’m 28 and don’t have a driving license, I’m a city girl, cars are a nuisance.) but that got cancelled due to problems with the instructor’s car. Didn’t bother me at all. All that meant was that I could see my baby a few hours earlier than expected. So I hopped on a bus and told the bus driver to “Step on it, I gotta get to ma man”.

Getting off the bus, texting my cousin and walking towards his place, the crisp smell of autumn in the air and the leaves shuffling at my feet. Tripped a couple of times because I wasn’t looking where I was going. I tripped the last time when I was crossing the street to his place and I looked up to see that no one saw and of course, there he was, standing at the window. Per chance, the only time that he has ever been at the window as I approached his place. Waving happily and smiling. I waved back a bit embarrassed about what he had just witnessed his girlfriend do but trying to cover it up with a big goofy smile. I rushed up… or rather, tripped up the stairs (yes ladies and gentlemen, this is a girl who has mastered the art of tripping UP the stairs…) and waiting for me at the top was a head slightly hidden behind the door with a mischievous smirk.

I don’t wanna go on and on about the day, just know this, it was perfect. So now I lie in bed (alone, coz he had to work, but it’s cool, it was a perfect day.) and I get to feel all these feelings over and over again. As long as I want, or until the next great day. It’s strange, how little you really need to be so happy. Hopefully I’ll remember this feeling.



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