secret santa

This year for christmas, in the spirit of giving, my family decided to do a secret santa instead of the usual excessive amounts of gifts under the tree. We all thought it would be good to just have one present under the tree than the usual 5 different ones. It was a good decision, there’s no budget so we can get whatever we want and instead of spending a little on a lot, you guessed it, we can spend a lot on one special person in the family. I have to say, there’s nothing that I want at the moment, I’m disgustingly happy. 

There was one thing that my sister suggested we do though, for our secret santa we have to write a poem or story about them. *barf* I suck at writing. Especially if there’s a task attached to it.

But I’m gonna give it a go here: (Just for your information, my secret santa is my dad.)

Dear Dad,

So many things to say about you and I just can’t seem to find words to formulate them. I don’t know how honest we have to be in this letter so instead of focusing on the past I’m going to focus on the present and everything that is happening now and could happen in the future.
I guess the best way to describe the present is better. Better than before. Maybe not as good as it could be but it’s better. This is not a note to despair on, better is after all better. And better means that the best is yet to come. Something to look forward to, and what is life without something to look forward to? I guess that’s one thing that the past, that I said I wasn’t going to mention, has taught me. You are never done bettering. Besides, how boring would life be if there was nothing to improve on? It’s a way to get by, a way to get closer to the notion of perfection, which is hardly ever reached anyway. 
I guess what I want to say is do what you always tell us to do. Never stop trying to better yourself, in any way you can. Life, family, home, love, friends. Or whatever springs to mind when you hear the word better. 
Remember that the little things count, pay attention to the people who are closest to you, learn to accept the things you cannot change, change things that can be changed. I know from experience that some things are hard to change and it takes a lot of determination to change them but it’s possible. But the hardest part to accept most of the time is that it’s not other people that need to change, it’s you. 

But most of all, be happy. I hope you are happy.

Love you.



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