Valentine’s Day apart

So this year I will be spending my first Valentine’s Day that I’ve ever been in a relationship apart from my significant other. Now I just wanna get something straight, I do not nor will I ever endorse Valentine’s Day. But I just want him to know that I love and miss him, when I’m living it up in Africa and he’s being a sad little man back here in the cold cold winter. Coldest it’s been in years!! MUWAHAHA. I am evil.

So I wanted to come up with something interesting to do for my man so that he would know that even though I’m gone, I’m still here! (stalker gf image)

I did what any clueless romantic does. I googled my problem, “Valentine’s Day long distance” and the answers that I received were less than helpful and almost vomit inducing. I don’t do scrap booking or mix tape making and I don’t like flowers. So this has proven to be a dilemma in it’s own right. 

I have decided to try and see if I can come up with some of my own original ideas. hmm. 

I want it to be something that he’ll be happy with so I’ll list things he likes.
Something that will show that I pay attention to him.
Something that he can use without me but not something sexual, that would be weird although I’m pretty sure he’s get a kick out of it. 
Or something that we can both do when I get back. Hints to something we’ll do when he gets back… hmm.. I think we’re on to something..

I’ll figure it out later. 



the difference between me and you.


It makes me so fucking sick when somebody starts on some weird magical journey and has to tell the whole world about it and try to convert everyone to their way of thinking. Shut up. You’ve been doing this new thing for 2 fucking minutes. Talk to me in 10 years, let’s see where you are then. Still living the magical life? 

I’m not saying that people shouldn’t change their life for the better, but this fucking bragging and going on and on about that change just makes me sick. And the ooohs and aaahs from other people, the false sense of purpose it instills and how much time you are consuming reading me your seconds of new found propriety. SHHHH. Nobody really cares. If you do something do it for the one person who actually gives a shit, you. You don’t need to justify your actions to anyone else, you are the only one living with your decision.

If I do something that changes my life in a drastic way I keep that shit to myself.

So shut the fuck up with your holier than thou preaching bullshit.