Valentine’s Day apart

So this year I will be spending my first Valentine’s Day that I’ve ever been in a relationship apart from my significant other. Now I just wanna get something straight, I do not nor will I ever endorse Valentine’s Day. But I just want him to know that I love and miss him, when I’m living it up in Africa and he’s being a sad little man back here in the cold cold winter. Coldest it’s been in years!! MUWAHAHA. I am evil.

So I wanted to come up with something interesting to do for my man so that he would know that even though I’m gone, I’m still here! (stalker gf image)

I did what any clueless romantic does. I googled my problem, “Valentine’s Day long distance” and the answers that I received were less than helpful and almost vomit inducing. I don’t do scrap booking or mix tape making and I don’t like flowers. So this has proven to be a dilemma in it’s own right. 

I have decided to try and see if I can come up with some of my own original ideas. hmm. 

I want it to be something that he’ll be happy with so I’ll list things he likes.
Something that will show that I pay attention to him.
Something that he can use without me but not something sexual, that would be weird although I’m pretty sure he’s get a kick out of it. 
Or something that we can both do when I get back. Hints to something we’ll do when he gets back… hmm.. I think we’re on to something..

I’ll figure it out later. 


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