So this is what it comes down to then, how I feel about something is different from how you feel about the same thing. It’s always gonna be like that. No matter what the thing is.

My boyfriend always tells me he loves me more than i love him. I had a whole discussion with him about why he thinks that is the case in mamy heterosexual relationships. “You see” he says staring straight into my eyes. “You can get any guy you want, it’s just easier for girls to get a guy. But for men, well we have to work for it. So when we finally get that girl we want, we cherish and love her more than she loves us. And that’s ok with me.”

Ok I understand what he’s trying to say here and I may even understand why he feels the way we feel. But I don’t agree with it. I think that because we have more choice and it’s easier but we choose to stay with the idiot we decided for makes us love them more. No? Maybe. Maybe not. For now I’m content in letting him believe that he loves me more, I mean what girl is gonna argue with a man over the amount of love he feels for you? That’s just silly. And anyway, we will never be able to feel what another person feels. That is impossible.


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