So after the boyfriend left for work about 4 hours ago I was surfing the web, pinterest and various other surfable places. It’s amazing what’s out there and the different people you find, sharing their stories and views. I’m a big fan of people and their views. Unless they’re stupid in which case I just don’t listen to them, althoughhhhhh…. No, I take it back, sometimes the stupider a person is the more entertaining their view points are. So I am an all over people person. Wait, no, I’m not. Ok, on certain occasions I am a people person. Anyway, wow, little side track there. Right, so I was surfing pinterest and I came across this guy called “Olan Rogers” and the first video I saw of him was this one:

It cracked me up. I am the kind of person who will be walking around somewhere with my iPod in and not even notice that I’m bopping along. So when I saw him full on dancing around in super markets and hallways I felt an instant connection. I love when people have the ability to just be themselves without caring what other people are thinking. Awesome quality.

So it intrigued me, so I thought to myself, who is this guy and why is he famous, what does he do? Singer? Actor? Some american real life soap star I do not know about yet? I must find out. So I clicked this video:

And I couldn’t believe it. He was hilarious, or at least in my eyes he was. The inside conversation that he was having with the valet parking guy and the whole crumb dusting thing, I feel the same way! This is all I have seen of him so far and I’m afraid to watch anything more due to the fact that it might not be as funny and this will be an overall let down of the hype that I have built around him in my head from the previous two videos. 

Oh well, here goes nothing… 


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