Monday Morning Mellow Meltdown

I think I got over it. I mentally re-programmed my brain and stopped worrying. YAY!! Ladies and gentlemen. It is possible. Although I have to say it’s only been a couple of days since I stopped thinking like I thought before and I don’t know how long this state of mind will stay. We shall see. I’ll keep you updated.
Had a nice talk with the manchild on saturday. All about life and parents and how we think that we won’t be like our parents. How their mistakes showed us how to do things better. I really hope this will be the case, even though scientific research (:/) shows that almost 100% of all people turn out like their parents or something like that. I don’t know, whatever. I have done 0% research on any platform to confirm this statement so it may be incorrect.

I have noticed that I may be at fault for a lot of the negative reactions in my relationship. Need to work on my messaging skills. Have a feeling that I may come across angry a lot of the time when I’m actually just emotionless. Maybe smiley would clarify future statements. Actually had a conversation about this to my manfriend person, he also suggested use of smileys. Noted.
Has anyone noticed that the “angry” smileys don’t bring across your point at all and actually seem kind of funny? For instance, if you are really angry and trying to convey it through emoticons it only confuses the person on the receiving end of the message. Try it out once, when you are angry. Not that anyone actually thinks when they’re emotional. Which, brings me to my next point. This weekend was an eventful one in the life of me and my sister. We fought (big time bitch fight) for the first time in a very long time. It was funny because one of us was not intoxicated. This makes for some very confusing times for the non-intoxicated person, namely myself. It is confusing because as it turns out, liquored up people change their minds a lot and quickly. As quickly as storming out of a bar after saying “fuck this, fuck that, fuck you, I’m going the fuck home”. I stormed out of the bar after her, walked past her to get a cab and she turned around and went “Really, Blank? Really? Are you really gonna do that? Come on. Calm down.” To which I responded “Am I in the fucking twilight zone?” Then we kissed and made up because I knew it was pointless to argue with the drunkenness that had taken over my sister.

I need to update this more often. Too much stuff happens to put it in days after.

Nice song for today:


Hello world!

I guess that’s a good way to start this little bloggy thing.

Okidoke.. Where to begin. First off hi. I’m Blank Blanks, I know unusual name. I agree. Shhh.. It’s a pseudonym, so that nobody knows who I am because I like to be secretive and stuff like that.

I really just think I need an outlet for my current state of being, virtually expressed with words that can be commented on by any passers by. I’ll be talking about whatever “pops” into my mind and whatever I feel like at the time of blogging. You could actually say that this is a live stream from my brain to the world wide web. Sounds impressive doesn’t it. Not so much.

But enough of that, let’s get started with the topic at this very moment in time… hmm.. work. ok. there that was that. More later. Should get back to work now….. 😦

Here’s a nice song: